I have come full circle in my life, career and returned to my passion for art and design. My realization is that the times that I feel less stress, comfort and at peace with the world and myself, I am surrounded by the elements of nature. My art brings life to the environment by design. Mona King

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Nature welcomes me with her strong embrace every time I dive deep into her world. I admire the Earth for its beauty and I fear her passion. Each of my paintings represents a vision of nature, a sight forever frozen in time by the touch of paint. The colors and textures of each of the Earth’s elements dance on my canvas to create a visual celebration for her. I aim to capture my own experience as an explorer when I paint landscapes of places I have visited and when I paint female figures engaged in the natural world. During my travels, I capture images with my camera and bring them back to my studio where some are chosen to inspire paintings. Every brushstroke is guided by the memory of the Earth. Done with acrylic and watercolor paints, my body of work is diverse, inspired, and personal. I hope to share the natural world that I so love and aspire to be a part of. Carolina Corona


Our natural world encompasses all living and non-living things. It’s majestic beauty is forever changing and is powerful, yet serene. Nature  is great inspiration for my art and calming to my soul! Leslie Karpinski

In my art, I like to capture movement, sound, and feeling—much of which I derive from the elements of the earth. I believe that art is not simply about looking at it, but feeling it; understanding its movements, colors, and textures. The same is true for nature: seeing it invokes awe, but learning its formations and how the wind blows and where it travels invokes so much more awe, and in that way, I believe art and nature inspire each other. Annalena Tavares

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my art IS nature. It’s not just inspiring by nature, I just use biochemical techniques to enhance the beauty within nature. Noah Bressman


As a photographer, I'm drawn to nature because it's ever changing. A maple tree's beauty captures my eye in the fall, strutting her bold oranges, in spring, with lush lime green leaves, and in winter with architecturally beautiful bare branches. Sunrises unfold like ribbons from the horizon, and fill me with wonder. Jane Hipkins Sobie

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My paintings of mandalas are a meditation and love letter to nature, which is the most important thing to me. Laura Lynn Lashley


Nature and the natural world inspire me to sit and observe, then draw what is before me, trying to capture the light and shadow and lyrical shapes onto paper, abstracting the essence of the moment into a final composition. Alix Hitchcock

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I use nature in my art because I love the endless variety of textures that I find among natural objects, and I love juxtaposing those natural elements with human-made elements to tell a story or simply for visual interest.  All kinds of stories and ideas come into my mind if I simply play long enough with sticks and leaves; I think of it as a kind of listening. LeeAnna Lawrence

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I find inspiration everywhere in the flowers, birds, animals and the amazing colors that nature produces.  My goal is to capture energy on canvas using whimsical imagery and the visual perception of color.  In 2011 I started reproducing my designs as yoga mats incorporating the English and Sanscrit name into the design.  (Vrksa meaning tree and asana meaning pose.) Kathy Cooper


Being in the outdoors is awe-inspiring. These photos are my attempt to capture the grandeur of the world and the feeling I get as it surrounds and envelops me. David Urena

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Nature shares its beauties with us — autumn leaves, spring flowers, the colors, songs and behaviors of birds.  It is all good (and comforting, as well). Jeremy Reiskind


I have been a photographer for 40 years, but it wasn’t until a particularly challenging time in my life that I became acutely aware of the glorious wonders that lay literally beneath my feet. From that moment on, I have made photographs every day of plants, trees, birds, water and light.  My life has been made richer for the revelation and for the gift of being able to share those images. Benita VanWinkle

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I find the textures and colors of the natural world inspiring. The rich many-greens of moss, the layers of growth, and softly-worn patina of time. Nature is an inspiration and a way to push the reset button, as well. Woodie Anderson


Nature inspires me by being there. All around me and in all seasons. And it especially inspires gratitude for being allowed to see, smell, sense and immerse myself. Myra Grozinger

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The world of nature is often in my thoughts as I create – whether it is paper from plant fibers, wood or leather covered books, or the patterns I create in the marbling tank.  I love the colors and the feel of natural materials. Anne Murray

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The natural world feeds all my senses
I find humility and gratitude when I am in Nature
I greet the smallest leaf and the largest mountain as I walk my path   

Mary Blackwell-Chapman

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Mother Nature has been the best box of crayons. Where art is all around, Nature is unpredictable, no matter where you look - it will always be different. And that is art. Payton Barrett

Our planet sustains every basic humans need. It nurtures our bodies and also our souls. It inspire us with it's beauty anmd it's sacred geometry, it is the source of creation staring at us, so we can emulate that creation with our lives. Patricia Dixon

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Noticing leaves littering the ground coincided with taking a metal smithing class after I inherited some silver sheet.  The fragility of tattered, decaying leaves speaks to me.   Contemplating them in the possibilities of metal offers a sense of continuity and expansion.   Since childhood, I've liked to watch the sky, particularly at sunset.   It gives me a good feeling to get myself in sync with time in order to paint the sky toward the end of a day.  Louise Marlowe


Nature is beautiful and it is never the same.  Each time you look at nature you see a very different perspective. Addison Deets


I have been lucky to have spent time amongst some of the world’s great mountain ranges and wilderness expanses. It's only when traveling solo through these landscapes and immersing ourselves in them fully, that we can find the quiet mindfulness required to photograph such beauty. Julian Charles