Things to Do at the Gateway Nature Preserve

There’s nothing better for kids than exploring and playing in the outdoors, but sometimes structured activities and “screen time” crowd out time for free play outdoors. Our events are designed to connect children and adults with nature, but here are some ideas for activities you can do on your own.

  • Stomp in the creek, looking for fish and water critters, or skipping rocks along the water

  • Enjoy a walk along the Salem Creek Greenway, watching for birds, insects, and other critters

  • Hop along the log stumps in our story circle

  • Find nuts, berries and seeds, and think about who might eat them

  • Embark on a nature scavenger hunt

  • Imagine you are a bird or a groundhog. Where would you live?

The Gateway Nature Preserve is working with CLH Design of Cary, NC, to create a master plan. We will use the plan to develop adventure trails, natural playscapes, and educational programs that will help children—and people of all ages—enjoy the natural features of the preserve. Here is a preliminary plan that contains some of those ideas (by Deborah Schwab Environmental Design, 2012).


Directions & Parking

The Gateway Nature Preserve is located next to Washington Park, south of downtown Winston-Salem. Salem Creek runs through it, separating a forested area on the north side (with Salem Creek Greenway) from an open floodplain to the south, between the Washington Park parking lot and Broad Street.