• Explore the Woods!

    Gateway’s Forest Discovery Trail is approximately half a mile long; it takes you through the woods on the hillside next to the Salem Creek Greenway. With more than 20 native tree species and wildflowers, the area provides habitat to birds, mammals, amphibians, and insects. Its trees also protect water and air quality: Trees’ leaves take up carbon dioxide through photosynthesis, and their roots absorb rainwater, reducing flooding and erosion into Salem Creek.
    Forest trail

    Here are more resources you can use to learn about forest habitats at home or in the classroom:

    -Project Leaning Tree has many activities for families and classrooms: www.plt.org

    These tree ID apps will help you identify tree species:

    -VTree app for iOS and Android

    -iNaturalist app (You can also use it with our ecoEXPLORE page!)

    Trail Signage

    Seven interpretive signs along the trail share information about unique characteristics in the area around them, including tree species that you can discover for yourself! To learn more, click on the name of the trail sign you want to explore.

    Healthy Forest, Healthy Environment

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